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Duck, Dive, Dodge and grab your lazer tag gun. Bring the battle zone to your special kids’ party, end of school year events, cookouts, family reunions, office parties, youth groups, weddings, corporate events and church functions. Our company provides a lazer tag experience like no other when we arrive in our retired military M109 Deuce and a half (when working this is a 50 year old truck). We bring all the equipment to you to outfit 15 of your best warriors as well as barricades to help conceal the troops. We also offer several scenarios for those that would prefer to fight for a purpose.

Mobile Lazer Tag is available in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, southern Vermont and southern Maine. Delivery is included free of charge within twenty-five (25) miles of Manchester, New Hampshire. Should your event be located outside of this 25 miles, then a fuel surcharge will be assessed at the rate of $1.50 per mile. Mileage is calculated via Mapquest, from Manchester, NH to your actual destination. Please contact us for specific pricing.

Package 1

Package 1: The Ultimate Experience: Up to 15 players for 2 hours – $299.00

Package 2

Package 2: The Complete Battle: Up to 15 players for 2 hours includes cake, soft drinks and water for all participants – $349.00

Package 3

Package 3: Never-Ending War Zone: Up to 20 players for 4 hours. This package includes two (2) lazer tag guns and sensors for you to keep (a value of $1,200.). We will also provide the cake, soft drinks and water for all participants for no additional charge. – $2,500.00
(Over all this package is cheaper than Paintball as with Lazer tag your only cost is the initial purchase of the guns. Paintball requires additional costs for paint, co2, mask and other protective gear.)

We do all the work, you have all the fun!         Book Now!

Additional time may be available for an additional cost of $100 per hour or $60 per half hour.  
Included with each package is a Top Secret envelope outlining the mission.

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We do all the work, you have all the fun!         Book Now!